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The ballet division has achieved top tier results, and has an  excellent reputation in Cyprus and Europe for its superior quality in ballet training. Under its director, Vania Vrondi, the ballet division aims to create professional ballet dancers.The Ballet Division offers an 8 year program ( Grade 1-8) according to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy) . It is followed by Russian Exams, which are supervised  by the  very  Russian Ballet Masters from the Bolshoi Theatre. It is open to girls and boys.

Every year the Academy organizes and performs the  Famous Classical Ballet “The Nutcracker, “ with honoured guests and  Soloists of the  Bolshoi Theatre under the guidance of Artistic Director Mrs.Irina Lazareva (former Soloist and present teacher of Bolshoi Theatre).

 Students of Imperial Russian Academy are winners of International Ballet Competitions, finalists of World Ballet Competitions and ballet dancers – soloists of famous Ballet Theatres and Companies.

The  Imperial Russian Academy offers one of the best  training facilities in Cyprus. Amenities including: studios with a professional non-slip dance floor, two levels of ballet barres are provided for young children and adults, changing rooms, music rooms, art rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. All the classes are provided with air conditioning and a special system for ventilation.

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LESSONSBaby Ballet

Age 3-4 years old

These sessions are a lovely introduction to ballet. The classes are very fun and enjoyable, but they also teach children a certain amount of discipline. Baby ballet is all about self-awareness. It is the first taste of being in such a big space and being aware of your body. Learning to properly move with the sound of music is quite an advanced skill. It helps develop children’s bodies and brains.

Being active from an early age has significant advantages and teaching a child to hop, skip, jump and enjoy themselves is key to teaching them how to incorporate exercise into daily life. Generally they feel more confident and frequently, most young children will also benefit by gaining some independence.

LESSONSPreparatory Classes

Age 5-8 years old

Ballet training continues with preparatory classes that strengthen muscles, develop their flexibility, sense of balance, expression and prepare children for Vaganova training system that starts from Grade 1. Children have opportunity to choose a professional program leading them to a profession of Ballet Dancer ( every day lessons) or non-professional program –  Correction of posture, work on muscle strength, coordination, grace ( 2-3 times per week).

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Ballet Schools Limassol

LESSONSGrade Classes

Age 9-18 years old

Grade Classes ( Grade 1-8 ) follow program by Moscow State  Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy)  The training is based on Vaganova system.

Curriculum Grade clasess – Technique ( Barre, Centre, Jumps), Point, Variation, Classic Repertoire, Ballet Stretching

CLASSAdult Ballet

Why taking up ballet in your spare time might  just be the best thing you ever do?

Ballet exercises are created in such a perfect form that at any stage of your life it manages to engage the entire body from head to toe, working different muscle groups. Many of us spend hours after hours slumped in front of screens, which can create bad postural habits with long-term effects. Ballet will help you get your posture fixed and on point. Ballet classes help to develop correct everyday posture, improving balance and coordination.

 In a ballet class,  you are able to focus on the placement of your body along with the sound of  music playing, which can help you escape from any everyday stress you might be enduring. Additionally, classical music has been effective in bringing  positive and calming influences on the brain which can greatly  aid in strengthening your concentration levels. Potential ballet dancers can be created at any age!

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